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Ascot Vale 3032: Yim Yam Thai Laos Restaurant

At about 4.00pm on a Friday afternoon a friend and I decided to dine in at Yim Yam’s Thai Laos Restaurant in Ascot Vale.
We parked at Nando’s and thought screw it, Nando’s aren’t going to tow our car if we don’t buy a peri peri burger and walked to Yim Yam’s. We were pleasantly surprised at the wonderful decor and Thai/ Laos art work in the venue. The venue was bright and the table clothes were white, giving the place a fresh vibe and expensive feeling as you sat down. The service was friendly and the food came out quick.

I ordered the typical Thai dish, Satay Vegetable & Tofu Stir fry $12.90 and Bread Roti Bread $3.50. Clearly this was the best $16.40 I have spent on Thai food in Melbourne/ ever. I can see why Matt Preston gave it a good review in the Age in 2006 and so many more Yim Yam Restaurants have opened up since then in the inner-north suburbs of Melbourne.


The steamed veggies and tofu was stir-fried to perfection, and the spicy satay sauce was mild (perfect).  Crispy and soft all at once, the roti bread was also perfect.


I tried the Tofu Satay Skewers, costing $6.90, which tasted very much the same as the tofu in my stir-fry, only crispier. Delicious!


As my friend and I had both just come back from a Christmas lunch, we could barely finish half of our food so I asked to get the leftovers as take away. This wasn’t a problem at all, so I also indulged in the number 43-  a rich, authentic Thai dish, Vegetable and tofu Green Curry for lunch the next day.


Right this second, I am craving Yim Yam’s and I’m going to try to Yarraville restaurant tonight for take away. I have faith the Yarraville Restaurant is just as pleasing to my taste buds.
I recommend Yim Yam’s to everyone – especially lovers of high quality and fresh Thai food with Laos influences.

I must try the Yum Yim Yam next time, a dish exclusive to Yim Yam’s-  a deliciously creamy and sweet warm salad with shredded banana blossom.

BRB calling the Yarraville shop now.

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Melbourne 3000: Meatball and Wine Bar

It took me three goes to get into this restaurant/bar.
Third time lucky, as I was seated by good looking men in Rhodes and Beckett shirts and trendy jeans.

Re. the meal.
You choose your balls, your sauce, and your bed to sit the balls on.
I chose vegetarian balls (made from cauliflower, coriander and something else), the Italian red sauce and fresh pasta.
The three components didn’t gel as well as I had hoped, mainly due to the lack of sauce. This made the fresh pasta boring and the ‘meat’ balls dry.
I did get to taste the creamy polenta. I will come back with friends and order this next time, if I ever get in to this restaurant.

I have one major problem with this place. The plate bowls the meatballs are served on are awkward. I saw multiple people drop their cutlery on the floor, as it is difficult to balance a knife and fork in such an awkward size and shape bowl. It is irritating to eat out of. Just give me plate for my meatballs.

I recommend this place to trendy corporate people, who are experts at eating out of plate bowls.

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Melbourne 3000: Shanghai Village Dumpling

Not certain if restaurant or nightclub

Mock Duck Soup – This place is so out of control, i think they might need a security guard. The prices are so cheap and BYO alcohol (including not only wine but beer, spirits- whatever the hell you want) has attracted quite the crowd. It is great for not being able to speak to your friends due to the noise from highly intoxicated groups of teenagers and tourists yelling and occassionally even chanting at the top of their lungs. Do come here if you only ever want to order the same thing (probably dumplings) because if you wish to question anything else on the menu not one of the waiters will try to understand you. To those who aren’t concerned about getting food poisoning from eating at a cafeteria style eatery that has sticky menus and puts all of their dishes, left over food and alcohol containers in the same tub on the floor to clean up, I suggest coming here. If you like to eat your soup with a chopstick, come here. Instead of going to a bar to write yourself off with your mates, why not come here. At least there are no security guards to kick you out.

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Flemignton 3031: Quiet Man Irish Pub

ImageSeafood platter and Deep Fried Mushrooms Nice decor, nice vibe in the main dining area & Good for a Thursday night trivia night. Regarding the food, The Menu is outdated, 70% of the menu is deep fried and there are limited options for those woshing to keep their arteries clean. The seafood platter was ghastly. The shrimps were not fresh. The quiet man who runs this place needs to shout out to the chef to dump the frozen seafood and fried food and get some contemporary bar food. Quiet Man Irish Pub on Urbanspoon


Camberwell 3124: Tandoori Den

My partner and I were walking down Camberwell Rd, looking for a bite of Asian cuisine. After walking for fifteen minutes we stopped and chatted with my fellow neighbour Prude, whom recommended we go to tandoori den. We Trusted our dearest Prude and went in to order. I was impressed by the waiter’s immaculate presentation, but hoped the chef’s didn’t wear suits in fear of getting turmeric on such clean crisp shirts. Ha ha. I ordered the Butter Chicken and Naan for take away as I we were completing our daily afternoon exercise by taking it home. The Naan was whole meal, I do love organic food but I would have preferred the traditional white naan myself. The butter chicken tasted lovely and was this fantastic dark orange colour. The rice was cooked to perfection. Then the next day at work (I work an office job during the day) I could feel my tummy rumbling. The butter chicken did not agree with my bowels. I could feel explosions coming from down there. It was a horrible experience and I won’t be going back. Not that it wasn’t lovely and the service wasn’t good, just that thy really need to step up their kitchen hygiene. I don’t want to pay for the next day bowel movements again by eating from this restaurant. Three stars.

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Camberwell 3124: Sofia’s Pizza House

This is the most horrible place I’ve ever eaten at. The waiters are young and nice but the food is horrible. The garlic bread came out as cooked pizza dough with minced garlic from a jar and the avocado mushroom fettuccine tasted like nothing. Also it looked like a dogs breakfast.

I recommend never coming here.

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