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Brunswick 3056: Gasometer

Southern fried chicken burger and fries – A place you would come to only if your friends band is playing and you wanted to eat unhealthy fried American diner food. The vegan options are great to have on a menu but there should be a burger (or something) without a large chunk of processed soy. A portobello mushroom burger with optional onion rings, Seasoned onion rings with good spices or creole chicken with a flatter and thinner soy burger would be great. The white sugary buns need to be replaced ASAP with something more grainy and healthy. It’s all well and good to serve sugary white bread rolls because it’s an American diner style menu but it’s 2013 and customers want healthier options.
The mac and cheese used to be fantastic when it was in smaller servings and came as a side. It’s brilliant to have mac and cheese on the menu so I hope it stays but improves in flavour.
In general gasometer food needs more seasoning, less soy , fresher options, better quality and healthier bread and to keep mac and cheese on the menu forever.

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