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Kensington 3031: Kensington Fish and Chips

The couple of other times I’ve been to Kensington fish and chips were memorable, but not for the right reasons. However On Friday night I was so keen on getting fish and chips and watching the footy, I decided to give it a ready hot go again and boy did I get lucky this time!

I ordered the fish and chip pack over the phone and drove straight past the gym to pick it up, where I should’ve been going to sweat it out instead.

My order was ready in fifteen minutes. It was clear the team behind the counter of this tiny tuck shop were working hard. They also coordinated well to get the orders out, and with a metre high pile of frozen chips ready to be deep fried on demand, it was looking like it was going to be a hectic Friday night.

Bad memories of soggy fish and chips from Kensington were wiped from my mind when I got home and looked down into the polystyrene container. I finally had my own evidence as to why this fish and chip shop is so well loved in the neighbourhood. It’s all about the $8.95 fish and chip pack. Classic fried fish and chips with a wedge of lemon were served with a side of subway style crunchy lettuce, sliced tomato and onion with a balsamic dressing. The addition of a potato cake provided me with extra glee. ¬†This time, I was happy. Simple but perfectly fried fish in a light batter and chips kept crisp in the container, as opposed to the other times where I’ve received a soggy mess wrapped up in butcher paper. If the salad was tossed together rather than assembled in the container, I would rave on about this even more.

I recommend the $8.95 deal to anyone (who doesn’t have high cholesterol) as a lazy Friday night slob treat.


Fish and Chips & a potato cake with Salad
















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Flemington 3031: Dominos

After ordering a Beef Peri Peri pizza and Margarita with gluten free base, we waited 15 mins for the pizza. Unfortunately there was an error with the online tracker, causing us to assume the online tracker was broken.

When I arrived at the pizza shop, I was informed they had run out of garlic bread and had tried to call. I was not impressed, but they gave me a 1.25L coke instead.

The margarita pizza had a very thin and hard gluten-free crust, the tomato sauce tasted like ketchup, there was no sign of the extra mozzarella as in the description. Luckily it was cheaper 2-days, a promotional period on Monday’s and Tuesday’s when dominos has cheaper pizzas and combos.

Apparently the Peri Peri pizza was one of the better pizzas my friend has had from Dominos. I recommend only ordering form here if it’s a Monday or Tuesday and you only had $4.95 until pay day.



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Flemington 3031: Chef Lagenda

If you are not patient enough to get a table at Laksa King next door, you can normally walk straight it to Its sister restaurant, Chef Lagenda. I’m not exactly sure how the two Malaysian restaurants are connected but they have the exact same curry laksa’s and many other dishes in common.

The service here is questionable. The dishes don’t come out at the same time and I heard they store red wine in the fridge.

The laksa is delicious, one of the best laksa’s in Melbourne with large chunks of roasted eggplant, crunchy snow peas and a well balanced curry soup.

For $9.80 I recommend Chef Lagenda for all your laksa needs; chicken, seafood, vegetarian.








Kensington 3031: La Tortilleria

Laughed so hard my sombrero fell off

This place is fun. The music is great, what a fantastic atmosphere.
The vegetarian tasting place was interesting.
Highlight: chorizo tofu soft taco.
I would recommend this to anyone even thinking about a taco.

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Kensington 3031: The Premises

Moroccan beans with Gluten free toast – The Premises is a lovely place to eat. I had the Moroccan spiced baked beans and gluten free bread. I was very impressed by the bold flavours and my digestive system enjoyed the gluten free toast. If there was a dish just as good, but primarily made from mushrooms, I would come here regularly. I will definitely come back again though on a sunny day to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with my pedigree dog.

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Flemignton 3031: Quiet Man Irish Pub

ImageSeafood platter and Deep Fried Mushrooms Nice decor, nice vibe in the main dining area & Good for a Thursday night trivia night. Regarding the food, The Menu is outdated, 70% of the menu is deep fried and there are limited options for those woshing to keep their arteries clean. The seafood platter was ghastly. The shrimps were not fresh. The quiet man who runs this place needs to shout out to the chef to dump the frozen seafood and fried food and get some contemporary bar food. Quiet Man Irish Pub on Urbanspoon