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Carlton 3053: The Beaufort

The Beaufort was a dark and dingy place but with friendly staff and a memorable American diner burger.
When I say ‘dingy’ I don’t mean there was a dim romantic light filling the room, I mean I couldn’t even read the menu because it was so dark. I had to use the candle on my table and my iphone to read the menu. Also there was a terrible smell of beer and sweat inside. Apart from the tacky decor, bad smell and darkness, I did like was the friendliness of the staff. It was evident that the waiter was the only waiter on for the night and he was working hard. When my portobello mushroom burger came out I was pleasantly surprised! Even though I couldn’t see it. The burger was flavoursome, the sauce was brilliant and the spiced onion rings delicious- I would like to see these on the menu alone! The use of a higer quality bread rolls (not white for a start) would make me come back for another burger. Just because it’s an American diner doesn’t mean the bread has to be white and sugary, it’s 2013 and we want more nutritous bread. On a brighter note, the thick cut potato chips with skin left on were delicious! I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a secret herb and spice mix that was locked in a vault on two sides of the world and only the CEO of The Beaufort Hotel had the key. I might go back to the Beaufort if I’m feeling rather dim and ready to take on a sugary white bun.

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