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Melbourne 3000: Purple Peanuts

Take your love for Japanese to the next level with modern fusions of Japanese and Australian cafe food at this bustling cafe in Melbourne. Purple Peanuts is incredibly busy and with good reason. The Tofu curry Don is not like your standard don, encapsulating chopped almonds and garnished with basil, these surprisingly non Japanese additions compliment the light curry well. If you’re passing by Southern Cross Station and you’re hungry for a sushi (nori) roll, by pass all the Tower Sushi’s around and purchase one (or two) rolls from Purple Peanuts. You’ll notice something different about these sushi rolls, but you won’t quite be able to make out why they have so much more flavour and don’t need to be drowned in soy sauce.

This cafe looks hectic but the service is fast (not to mention lovely) and orders come out within reasonable time. I recommend Purple Peanuts to anyone looking to escape the seemingly unescapable typical take away sushi, unhealthy burgers and Asian food down the Western side
of Melbourne CBD. Forget about lining up like a groupie at Roll’d and visit Purple Peanuts on your next lunch break.

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Brighton 3186: The Little Ox

As a ‘northie’ visiting the east for their ‘beaches’, two friends and I were looking on Urban spoon for a place with ratings above 80% to have lunch. The Little Ox appeared to have good reviews and likes so we sat down in the outdoor area on a balmy supposedly 38 degree Melbourne day (in reality it was a top of 30 with high winds that blow everything on the ground into your face and your hair sticks to your lipgloss).  The funky and low volume outdoor music at this quaint little cafe was nice, as was the service.
The menu was contained in one double sided A3 page with an all day breakfast, some specials, a lunch menu and salads.

As a advent lover of vegetarian dishes, I was surprised there wasn’t one vegetarian dish on the menu. Perhaps that is because I am a ‘northie’ and used to numerous vegetarian choices on cafe menu’s.

I ordered the calamari and broad-bean salad which was good for a salad (I have been working out so I have been more inclined to choose the salad when I go out nowadays). The mixture of calamari, watercress and broad-beans with whatever dressing they put on it was delightful. I’m not sure what the croutons or miniature squids were doing in there though. That wasn’t on the item description.
My friend ordered the multigrain avocado on toast and an egg dish; both looked like standard cafe dishes. My friend was glad they had gluten free bread though.

I like this place, and might come back if I want to hang out in Brighton or Sandringham and lie on beaches full of sticks and brown sand.
I recommend The Little Ox cafe to Melbourne’s east siders who want to be hipsters, but are way too rich to move to the north.




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Main Beach 4217: D’Lish

D’Lish is a lovely little cafe in a shipping strip near the coast in Main Beach, Gold Coast. Recommended by an acquaintance, I found good reviews in Urban Spoon so decided to cone here with two others.
I took seat under an umbrella outside and was presented with cold water and the menu’s immediately. This was a welcome change from the service if I gave been receiving in Melbourne lately. The menu was comprehensive, with good healthy, unhealthy, meat and vegetarian options for brunch.
I ordered a yoghurt and banana smoothie, which tasted good but I wouldn’t write a song about it.
For main I received the field mushrooms and goats cheese on sourdough, with spinach and roasted tomato. This was fresh and delicious, and looked by far the best dish between myself and the others I dined with.
The avocado and lime dish looked bleak, the bread was thin and square like the type you would buy from the supermarket for $1. There was butter in a spoon on the side. In Melbourne this butter would’ve remained hard, but here it was melted. We have come to the conclusion that D’Lish is good for Gold Coast standards.





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Brunswick West 3055: Hungry Birds

Remolacha – I had the Remolacha which was a sandwich with beetroot purée, spiced Gouda cheese and avocado. Very simple but fresh and delicious.
The wait time for take away was a bit excessive, especially when there is no where to sit and wait. However there were all round good vibes and I have recommended this place to friends who love good food.

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Kensington 3031: The Premises

Moroccan beans with Gluten free toast – The Premises is a lovely place to eat. I had the Moroccan spiced baked beans and gluten free bread. I was very impressed by the bold flavours and my digestive system enjoyed the gluten free toast. If there was a dish just as good, but primarily made from mushrooms, I would come here regularly. I will definitely come back again though on a sunny day to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine with my pedigree dog.

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