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Flemington 3031: Dominos

After ordering a Beef Peri Peri pizza and Margarita with gluten free base, we waited 15 mins for the pizza. Unfortunately there was an error with the online tracker, causing us to assume the online tracker was broken.

When I arrived at the pizza shop, I was informed they had run out of garlic bread and had tried to call. I was not impressed, but they gave me a 1.25L coke instead.

The margarita pizza had a very thin and hard gluten-free crust, the tomato sauce tasted like ketchup, there was no sign of the extra mozzarella as in the description. Luckily it was cheaper 2-days, a promotional period on Monday’s and Tuesday’s when dominos has cheaper pizzas and combos.

Apparently the Peri Peri pizza was one of the better pizzas my friend has had from Dominos. I recommend only ordering form here if it’s a Monday or Tuesday and you only had $4.95 until pay day.



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Fitzroy 3065: Shawcross Pizza Joint

At a social event, I had the honour of tasting what is apparently Melbourne’s largest pizza.

It was very large in diameter (22 inches) and tasted like everything you would expect from a margarita pizza with fresh tomato.

I expect the pizza makers employed at Shawcross had some extra training in tossing pizza dough.


Shawcross 22 inch pizza vs regular large pizza


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Kensington 3031: Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar

Vegetarian Supreme pizza – If you want to pay $20 a pizza and wait an hour for them to deliver then Crust Pizza is for you.
Saying this, the pesto mayo squezed strategically over the topping in a zig zag pattern (and flavours) of the vegetarian pizza are brilliant. The gluten free base option is great.
I recommend Crust Pizza to those that want something a notch above Dominoes.

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Brunswick 3056: Cornish Arms Hotel

Went here for lunch on a Saturday with friends. Usually order the vegan Parma which is great but this time opted for the chicken burger (vegan).
It was good value as it came with a side of chips for $12. However, it would be good if there was an option for salad instead of chips. Regarding the actual burger it was flavourless and too overly processed (soy cheese, gluten chicken, fake bacon) and didn’t have enough sauce or lettuce.

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St Kilda 3182: The Esplanade Hotel

The menu at the Espy Kitchen looks great and caters for vegetarians. The $5 pizza from 10pm however is not great. In fact it is far from good. I ordered the four cheese pizza. The website simply says $5 pizzas. However they were not on the menu and even the staff didn’t know what pizza choices were available. The crust was thin and made of pita bread. the caramelised onions smelt terrible on other patrons pizzas so i ordered them without. With only the four cheeses and not much else it was heavy and boring. This pizza required fresh herbs. simple but forgotten unfortunately. Frozen pizza from Coles is ONE HUNDRED times better than what the chefs at the espy kitchen prepare. Highly disappointed and felt dirty after eating it. The espy is a busy place.. They need to update their dining furniture, organisation and make fresher pizzas.

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Camberwell 3124: Sofia’s Pizza House

This is the most horrible place I’ve ever eaten at. The waiters are young and nice but the food is horrible. The garlic bread came out as cooked pizza dough with minced garlic from a jar and the avocado mushroom fettuccine tasted like nothing. Also it looked like a dogs breakfast.

I recommend never coming here.

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