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Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur: Restoran Woods Bio Marche

Vegan, vegetarian or are you some other kind of pain in the butt in the big fishy city of Kuala Lumpur? Can’t find anything to eat besides green or mixed veggies and garlic? Then you must visit Woods Bio Marche Restaurant in the tourist driven area, Bukit Bintan, for macrobiotic food.

The restaurant is immaculate, with orderly tables and chairs and a neat shelf at the entrance with a variety of organic and dairy free products for sale.

The service was outstanding and the waiter speaks English very well. The food was bought to our table gracefully, and with a smile.

The menu was extraordinary compared to every other menu we had seen in Malaysia so far. The choices are perhaps slightly comparable to Yong’s Green Food in Brunswick, Melbourne.

For entree the cabbage soup was very enjoyable, with tasty bits of shredded soy, imitating chicken, floating in the divine broth.


Cabbage soup

My long time good friend’s entree of satay skewers were also to die for, made from hand- minced shiitake mushroom and complimented by a crunchy peanut herb dipping sauce.


Satay Skewers

My entree of Japanese influenced steamed tuba rolls with veggie filling and lime sauce entree was sweet and faultless, cost RM 15.90.


Steamed tuba rolls with veggie filling and lime sauce

Our main dishes arrived shortly after our entrees, my ‘de-stress’ Bento box was both nutritious and delicious. Included in the boy’s compartments was sweet potato salad, a shiitake mushroom steak with vegan mayonnaise, friend rice with tofu, scrambled tofu and pickled vegetables. Every compartment was filled with something wonderful, this dish was faultless.


De-stress Bento Box

I also got the opportunity to take a bite of juicy, wholesome burger, which was made from a patty of lentils, salad, vegan mayonnaise and a whole wheat soft bun.


Lentil burger

The second time we came here for lunch and got the brown rice vermicelli noodles with mixed vegetable, shiitake mushroom steak with soy mayo and the spring rolls. All meals were delightful.


Brown rice vermicelli soup


Shitake steak with vegan mayo


I recommend Woods Bio Marche to vegetarians looking for nutritional vegetarian food in a peaceful environment, who are prepared to pay more than the cost of greasy fried white rice and fish sauce vegetables in the streets of. Kuala Lumpur.

The restaurant can be found at:

Wisma Bukit Bintang 28 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur



Melbourne 3000: Yamato Japanese

Tonight I had a date, I know it’s a long shot to find love online, but I am in my sixties now and I don’t particularly want to die alone. It was Tight Ass Tuesday for the Melbourne Comedy Festival and I was going to see a Japanese Ventriloquist. It was logical to go with the Japanese theme for the night and go somewhere fast and Japanese for dinner before the show. At the far end of Corrs Lane in China Town, there is a Japanese restaurant called Yamato.
Of course I had walked past and noted the eatery existed before, but had never been. Yamato is cosy, with tables and benches in every nook and cranny, made for tiny Japanese people, just like in Japan. Allbeit small, the seating arragement was comfortable.

The service was impeccable, the waitress poured our beers and took our order. Myself and my Tinder date sipped our O’Ryan beers, after deciding from an impressive list of imported Japanese beer. The restaurants’ walls were covered in Japanese monuments such as photos, masks and money cats, that steered our conversation in the direction of travel.

Our Agedashi tofu was served hot and had the classic silken firm texture and golden brown colour. The broth was delicious, as expected. When the main of Tofu Steak and vegetables arrived, I was dissapointed that there was a lack of vegetables apart from various types of onions. Nevertheless it tasted good.
I’m not certain about what my date ordered but there are some photos below in among the tofu and onions.

On the wall covered in Japanese decorations, I spotted a posted displaying a black premium beer – ‘Niggata, black beer 100% natural bottle condition.’ As a lover of dark beer, I can tell you that sipping this roasted, coffee-like malt was a holy experience.

As a light and quick meal, Yamato was good, but the range of imported beers is the only thing that would convince me to return. I would recommend it to people who love slimy or fried Japanese food, but personally I prefer Teppanyaki on a first date.

Please note I wasn’t having an optical illusion when I saw a sign for corkage charged at $15 per bottle

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Melbourne 3000: Purple Peanuts

Take your love for Japanese to the next level with modern fusions of Japanese and Australian cafe food at this bustling cafe in Melbourne. Purple Peanuts is incredibly busy and with good reason. The Tofu curry Don is not like your standard don, encapsulating chopped almonds and garnished with basil, these surprisingly non Japanese additions compliment the light curry well. If you’re passing by Southern Cross Station and you’re hungry for a sushi (nori) roll, by pass all the Tower Sushi’s around and purchase one (or two) rolls from Purple Peanuts. You’ll notice something different about these sushi rolls, but you won’t quite be able to make out why they have so much more flavour and don’t need to be drowned in soy sauce.

This cafe looks hectic but the service is fast (not to mention lovely) and orders come out within reasonable time. I recommend Purple Peanuts to anyone looking to escape the seemingly unescapable typical take away sushi, unhealthy burgers and Asian food down the Western side
of Melbourne CBD. Forget about lining up like a groupie at Roll’d and visit Purple Peanuts on your next lunch break.

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