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Melbourne 3000: Madras Banyan Tree

I think I just got hayfever from a food.
My sinus is blocked and my mouth is on fire.

The pungent smells of garlic from this new eatery occupy my office.

1:00pm came around and I felt a bit peckish.
As I didn’t have time to make my own lunch last night, I decided to take a stroll down and buy some lunch at the first restaurant my nostrils could think of.

I ordered the lunch combo (Chapati and 2 x curry dishes), opting for the Mattar Paneer (Green peas with cheese), Crispy Chapati & Gujarati potatoes.

The service staff worked as team and were very efficient and friendly.
I got all of the below for $10.90.
It was a great, tasty lunch meal.

I recommend this everyone. Lots of veg options, incredibly busy at lunch, great seating areas inside, and very good lunch deals for students.

However I recommend against even TOUCHING the chilli that came in a small round container on the side.




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Camberwell 3124: Tandoori Den

My partner and I were walking down Camberwell Rd, looking for a bite of Asian cuisine. After walking for fifteen minutes we stopped and chatted with my fellow neighbour Prude, whom recommended we go to tandoori den. We Trusted our dearest Prude and went in to order. I was impressed by the waiter’s immaculate presentation, but hoped the chef’s didn’t wear suits in fear of getting turmeric on such clean crisp shirts. Ha ha. I ordered the Butter Chicken and Naan for take away as I we were completing our daily afternoon exercise by taking it home. The Naan was whole meal, I do love organic food but I would have preferred the traditional white naan myself. The butter chicken tasted lovely and was this fantastic dark orange colour. The rice was cooked to perfection. Then the next day at work (I work an office job during the day) I could feel my tummy rumbling. The butter chicken did not agree with my bowels. I could feel explosions coming from down there. It was a horrible experience and I won’t be going back. Not that it wasn’t lovely and the service wasn’t good, just that thy really need to step up their kitchen hygiene. I don’t want to pay for the next day bowel movements again by eating from this restaurant. Three stars.

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