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Melbourne 3000: Father’s Office Speakeasy Bar

The Father’s Office is located in the heart of the student precinct of the CBD, close to RMIT and next door to The State Library. Students and travellers seeking Melbourne’s hard to find happy hour congregate in the large balcony area at The Father’s Office. The bar is jumpin’ jumpin’ with people ordering $6.50 Absolute vodka’s and craft beers on tap. But the Father’s Office is also known on Instagram for it’s cute American style share plates and burgers.

You will find share plates from polenta and parmesan cubes to pork cracking and popcorn chicken on the menu, enough to excite anyone who hasn’t eaten before drinking at the bar.

After ordering on an empty stomach, we were presented with the Home-style mac and cheese, arancini balls and fries.


Rustic creamy mac and cheese baked with breadcrumbs and topped with cheese (bacon optional) was well presented and tasty enough for $8, but the dish was not big enough for one person, never mind substantial enough to share.


Three Arancini balls that sat in a sweet smoked aioli for $6 were delicious, but you might want to order 3 plates of these if you’re hungry. As for the fries, I have never seen such a small portion of fries served at a bar in my life. It was as if the chef of The Father’s Office took our order, walked down to McDonalds on Swanston Street, returned with a small fries and then poured them into a tea cup.



I know you have potential Father’s Office, so please stop being so stingy.

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Kensington 3031: Kensington Fish and Chips

The couple of other times I’ve been to Kensington fish and chips were memorable, but not for the right reasons. However On Friday night I was so keen on getting fish and chips and watching the footy, I decided to give it a ready hot go again and boy did I get lucky this time!

I ordered the fish and chip pack over the phone and drove straight past the gym to pick it up, where I should’ve been going to sweat it out instead.

My order was ready in fifteen minutes. It was clear the team behind the counter of this tiny tuck shop were working hard. They also coordinated well to get the orders out, and with a metre high pile of frozen chips ready to be deep fried on demand, it was looking like it was going to be a hectic Friday night.

Bad memories of soggy fish and chips from Kensington were wiped from my mind when I got home and looked down into the polystyrene container. I finally had my own evidence as to why this fish and chip shop is so well loved in the neighbourhood. It’s all about the $8.95 fish and chip pack. Classic fried fish and chips with a wedge of lemon were served with a side of subway style crunchy lettuce, sliced tomato and onion with a balsamic dressing. The addition of a potato cake provided me with extra glee. ┬áThis time, I was happy. Simple but perfectly fried fish in a light batter and chips kept crisp in the container, as opposed to the other times where I’ve received a soggy mess wrapped up in butcher paper. If the salad was tossed together rather than assembled in the container, I would rave on about this even more.

I recommend the $8.95 deal to anyone (who doesn’t have high cholesterol) as a lazy Friday night slob treat.


Fish and Chips & a potato cake with Salad
















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Williamstown 3016: Williamstown Mussels and Fish & Chippery

I went to the Williamstown Mussels Fish & Chippery today, as a friend recommended it.
The fish and chips with salad looked alright. I asked the scruffy metal head behind the counter what was in the salad and he gave me attitude,

I dunno, lettuce and tomato? Bit of feta.

The young male person behind the counter obviously did not have a real passion for fish and chips or customer service.

I opted for the fish and chip pack, without the salad.

While I was waiting on the bench to collect my take away, another staff member kept on brushing past me, having to excuse himself every time he wanted to enter the dining area. Why the owner would put the take away waiting bench in such an awkward space is beyond me.
My two friends and I left with my fish and chips parcel and drove closer to the beach.
I sat down on a bench along the beach with two friends to eat our lunch.

My friend tasted her deep fried fish first and exclaimed,

This fish looks bad. It is bad! It tastes like nothing, I’m disappointed I recommended we come here for lunch. I think there has been a change of owners,

before going to feed her fish to her two year old cavoodle.

The dog didn’t want a bar of it.

When I went to eat my grilled flake, the tough flesh did not flake as it should – it was overcooked. Sigh-what a disappointment.

The tartar sauce was that loathsome Master-food brand in a tiny squeeze container. This tartare sauce should be banned, it is terrible processed watery rubbish.

I had about two fries before I realised the potato was translucent. I had to throw the pre-frozen chips in the Hobson’s Bay rubbish bin as they were UNDERCOOKED. YOU WORK AT A FISH AND CHIP SHOP. HOW CAN YOU UNDERCOOK DEEP FRIED CHIPS. JFC.

Service and quality of food were of an unsatisfactory standard.


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Portarlington 3223: Jack Rabbit

I came down to Portarlington with a local, who highly recommended the fish and chips at Jack Rabbit.
We ordered the fish and chips and went to the bar to do some wine tasting.
We were astonished when our food came out within 5 minutes of ordering. This made us worry about the freshness of the meal and whether it has been sitting there ready to go before we even got there.
On our plates was 1 very small piece of fish with deep fried calamari and potato cakes. The food was cold, tasteless, and potentially frozen.
We let the waitress know and her reply was

the chef’s are worried that you just don’t like fish and that if we get you another one it’s going to taste the same


Yes, we like fish that’s why we ordered the fish and chips. The lady took our ghastly frozen fish and chips back and we opted for the empanadas, the only vegetarian option on the menu.
What came out were 3 deep friend parcels of feta cheese and capsicum and a side of yellow and red cherry tomatoes. This meal was $20.

If this is modern Australian, I don’t want to be Australian anymore.

The food here is terrible, overpriced deep fried crap. Bellarine estate is a much better place to go to eat nice food.



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