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Melbourne 3000: SUD

I arrived at this intimate restaurant located on King St for a Christmas lunch with colleagues.

When I arrived I was greeted by the joyous and flamboyant waiters (one had spectacles like heston blumenthal and a moustache which turned up at the ends) and took a seat at a carefully set up table.

Soon enough our champagne flutes were filled with Italian sparkling wine and our glasses with San Pellegrino sparkling water.

The first entree to arrive was Caprese, Buffalo Mozzarella on a bed of fresh sliced tomatoes, with a little fresh basil and balsamic dressing drizzled around the dish. The thought this in my mouth was way better than how it actually tasted. Apparently the buffalo mozzarella was very fresh and upmarket but the general flavour of the dish was bland.


The diavoletti was a much, much better as an entree. This young drawn curd hung, smoked and wrapped around green olives and a sliced chilli was one of the greatest things to have ever entered my mouth.


Meanwhile our glasses were topped up with more and more imported red wine by the interesting waiters. I asked one particular waiter if there was a bathroom and he said ‘no, you have to go and shit outside.’ I wasn’t interested in shitting, but nevertheless I found his inappropriate sarcasm humorous,
mostly because of the accent. He admitted that he wasn’t from Italy. I can’t tell you what accent it was. I was having a great time and highly tipsy and amused at the SUD waiters non pretentious and friendly demeanour.


I chose the Atlantic NZ salmon-filet for my main, in a bed of braised eggplant, peppers and zucchini. For $36 I’m glad I wasn’t paying as I can prepare better salmon at home on the BBQ. The slice of salmon was approximately $3 at the nearby Vic Market and really wet inside instead of flakey. The bed of vegetables resembled a kind of salsa.
Albeit colourful, this dish was a disappointment and I prefer Tasmanian salmon filet.


The person next to me received a well presented rib eye. Can’t comment on flavours as I didn’t try it, but there were no complaints from her.


And then the Vanilla Bean Panacotta served with rhubarb and strawberry arrived and naturally I forgot all about the salmon.


I also had the pleasure of tasting the tiramisu, but one spoonful of this rich coffee liqueur and cream was plenty for me.


After dessert and numerous glasses of imported Italian red wine, I was presented with a a warm coffee made with Italian liqueur in a martini glass. This coffee topped off a brilliant dining experience at SUD, not paid for by me.



Melbourne 3000: Meatball and Wine Bar

It took me three goes to get into this restaurant/bar.
Third time lucky, as I was seated by good looking men in Rhodes and Beckett shirts and trendy jeans.

Re. the meal.
You choose your balls, your sauce, and your bed to sit the balls on.
I chose vegetarian balls (made from cauliflower, coriander and something else), the Italian red sauce and fresh pasta.
The three components didn’t gel as well as I had hoped, mainly due to the lack of sauce. This made the fresh pasta boring and the ‘meat’ balls dry.
I did get to taste the creamy polenta. I will come back with friends and order this next time, if I ever get in to this restaurant.

I have one major problem with this place. The plate bowls the meatballs are served on are awkward. I saw multiple people drop their cutlery on the floor, as it is difficult to balance a knife and fork in such an awkward size and shape bowl. It is irritating to eat out of. Just give me plate for my meatballs.

I recommend this place to trendy corporate people, who are experts at eating out of plate bowls.

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