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Melbourne 3000: Bluestone Cafe

Want a decent and fast take away breaky with a smile? Bluestone cafe provides this, and for those who want soy milk they won’t charge that extra 50cents. The amount of people that visit during breakfast and lunch hour is testament to how superior it is to nearby cafés.



Melbourne 3000: Tuck Shop

Apart from the fake Tuckshop design that resembles Santas Place in a shopping centre at Christmas time, this eatery doesn’t have much to offer.


Especially if you’re after something other than salad to eat.


The vegetarian roti made toasted contained baby spinach and an antipasto platter of vegetables, to which do not go with the roti.

The concoction nearly burnt my mouth and I was left hungry after spending $9.50 on it.


The design of the shop and paper bags are nice but in terms of food Tuckshop doesn’t offer anything interesting. Personally, I don’t find sitting down to eat in a Tuckshop trying to be trendy in an overly modern and corporate NAB building inviting.

Also I saw an eyebrow hair in my wrapper.


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North Melbourne 3051: Di Bella Roasting house

On a sunny Saturday morning myself and a good friend drove to north Melbourne and took a quick stroll in the sun to Di Bella Roasting House. This warehouse turned coffee roasting cafe is a popular place for the many brunch and coffee lovers in North Melbourne. Large groups of mature aged men in Lycra can often be seen parking their expensive road bikes at Di Bella, possibly after riding 200km around the bay.
After waiting 15 minutes for a table for two we sat down and were immediately presented with menus.
The coffee is something to write home about. The lattes are impeccable and the pour over was also of a high quality. I ordered the chilli avocado on chargrilled sourdough toast with special tomatoes and a side of confit field mushroom. I have one word for this breakfast dish. Top notch. Actually that’s two words.

I recommend this place over auction rooms, the initial wait to get a table is worth it. A fantastic brunch experience.

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Brighton 3186: The Little Ox

As a ‘northie’ visiting the east for their ‘beaches’, two friends and I were looking on Urban spoon for a place with ratings above 80% to have lunch. The Little Ox appeared to have good reviews and likes so we sat down in the outdoor area on a balmy supposedly 38 degree Melbourne day (in reality it was a top of 30 with high winds that blow everything on the ground into your face and your hair sticks to your lipgloss).  The funky and low volume outdoor music at this quaint little cafe was nice, as was the service.
The menu was contained in one double sided A3 page with an all day breakfast, some specials, a lunch menu and salads.

As a advent lover of vegetarian dishes, I was surprised there wasn’t one vegetarian dish on the menu. Perhaps that is because I am a ‘northie’ and used to numerous vegetarian choices on cafe menu’s.

I ordered the calamari and broad-bean salad which was good for a salad (I have been working out so I have been more inclined to choose the salad when I go out nowadays). The mixture of calamari, watercress and broad-beans with whatever dressing they put on it was delightful. I’m not sure what the croutons or miniature squids were doing in there though. That wasn’t on the item description.
My friend ordered the multigrain avocado on toast and an egg dish; both looked like standard cafe dishes. My friend was glad they had gluten free bread though.

I like this place, and might come back if I want to hang out in Brighton or Sandringham and lie on beaches full of sticks and brown sand.
I recommend The Little Ox cafe to Melbourne’s east siders who want to be hipsters, but are way too rich to move to the north.




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Main Beach 4217: D’Lish

D’Lish is a lovely little cafe in a shipping strip near the coast in Main Beach, Gold Coast. Recommended by an acquaintance, I found good reviews in Urban Spoon so decided to cone here with two others.
I took seat under an umbrella outside and was presented with cold water and the menu’s immediately. This was a welcome change from the service if I gave been receiving in Melbourne lately. The menu was comprehensive, with good healthy, unhealthy, meat and vegetarian options for brunch.
I ordered a yoghurt and banana smoothie, which tasted good but I wouldn’t write a song about it.
For main I received the field mushrooms and goats cheese on sourdough, with spinach and roasted tomato. This was fresh and delicious, and looked by far the best dish between myself and the others I dined with.
The avocado and lime dish looked bleak, the bread was thin and square like the type you would buy from the supermarket for $1. There was butter in a spoon on the side. In Melbourne this butter would’ve remained hard, but here it was melted. We have come to the conclusion that D’Lish is good for Gold Coast standards.





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Melbourne 3000: Kinfolk Cafe

There are some good healthy meat and vegetarian dishes here.
The cafe is busy, the service is friendly and the food comes out fast.
I ordered an orange juice which came out in a trendy jar (Heather Simpson likes this). unlike freshly squeezed juice, it was watery and filled with ice, but was refreshing.
I ordered the lunch platter to eat; soup, salad and a baguette.
The carrot soup with hazelnut oil was amazing, however the goats cheese and eggplant baguette was average and the quinoa salad with raisins was too salty.

I don’t doubt that Kinfolk are doing great things for the community but they aren’t doing great things for my lunch time baguette. I will definitely come back here for their soup.



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Williamstown 3017: Novel Kitchen

I sat down at this cafe prior to going to see the Sea Shepherd, currently living at Williamstown docks.

I began with a orange, carrot and finer juice and was exuberant at how fresh and delicious this was.

I ordered an assortment of side dishes including toast, the rosemary potato rosti and avocado. Looking forward to the rosti, I took many bites and couldn’t taste the rosemary or any seasoning.

I would recommend this cafe to all Hobson Bay visitors looking for fresh and organic food but you need to weigh up the below pros and cons.

1. The waiter didn’t know if the bread was vegan for my daughter, even though this is a cafe that prides themselves on being vegan friendly.

2. The food was under seasoned, it was like they were afraid of flavour.

The pros are:

1. The juices were freshly squeezed, flavoursome and they add delicious additions like fresh ginger and lemon for no extra charge.

2. There is no extra charge for soy.

I am very impressed by pro number 2.








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Prahran 3181: Third Wave Cafe

I was invited as a guest to eat at this new cafe in a side street off Commercial Rd, Prahran. Usually it is a battle to find a park when eating out in Prahran or Windsor due to the busy shopping strip known as Chapel St, however Third Wave cafe is situated next to Safeway car park, making finding a close park a breeze. My good friend I brought along was very glad we found a park with ease and was impressed with the cafe’s modern decor.

The service was attentive, polite and fast. To begin with we ordered soy lattes, the coffee really was ‘superb’ as the advertising for the cafe claims.
The menu was like reading a book, with breakfast, paninis a lunch section, a Russian menu and sweets. Tossing up between the Raspberry and Mascapone panini and the Brie, Fig Jam and Walnuts, I opted for the later. I saw the option for gluten free bread and I took it. Alongside this panini, I ordered the Cherry Cheese Blintzes. The panini contained a considerable amount of cheese, and the fig jam and walnuts went well together. The gluten free bed was the standard gluten free bread from every cafe in Melbourne, the small square and tasteless loaf. The Blintzez were a far more superior dish. The blintzez are similar to a crepe, but thicker. Folded into parcels and filled with the perfect amount of mascapone cheese melted with the cherries, the blintzes were a real treat to eat.

My friend and I were very satisfied with the flavoursome and generous servings at this cafe. When my friend finished her ‘big breakfast’, she said she would certainly come back. So would I. I would love to try the Borsche here, as my Polish friend recently introduced me to this thick sour beetroot soup the morning after drinking expensive wine. Even though my first taste of Borsche was the Maggie soup variety from a packet, it was delicious and I am very impressed Third Wave has it on their menu.

Third Wave cafe likes to mix sweet and savory, with an assortment of dishes available breakfast and lunch. I recommend Third Wave cafe to adventurous diners, as well as those who like to stick to their elementary eggs on toast for breakfast/ lunch.


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Altona 3018: Salt and pepper

The generous 80% rating on Urban Spoon gave me false hope that the food at this cafe was good.

I wanted breakfast. I made an attempt to order toast up at the counter, but they had run out of all bread except white. The white bread was square, I couldn’t believe a bakery cafe would sell square bread for their sandwiches.

I ended up ordering a smoked salmon and salad wrap with cream cheese. When I received my order on an ugly plate I gasped at the pink smoked salmon.
How dare they!
They had served up the cheapest, nastiest smoked salmon on the market. I took it out of the wrap and fed it to my dog. I felt bad for the dog.

My vegetarian daughter received the poached eggs on toast with mushrooms. She had a disgusted look on her face,

I’m pretty sure these mushrooms are from a tin

We left the vicinity with a sickening feeling in our stomachs.





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Melbourne 3000: Salida Cafe

I went to Salida cafe today on my lunch break. This is a large cafe located in Goldsborough lane in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct.

This lane way is full of boring, but well off office workers in fancy suits.

I ordered the salmon, caper, dill and tomato risotto. It was good, but not as good as my asparagus and lemon risotto.

I’m not sure why this cafe has a Spanish name, there’s nothing Spanish about it.

I might come back here to try the smoked salmon and quinoa salad.