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Altona 3018: Salt and pepper

The generous 80% rating on Urban Spoon gave me false hope that the food at this cafe was good.

I wanted breakfast. I made an attempt to order toast up at the counter, but they had run out of all bread except white. The white bread was square, I couldn’t believe a bakery cafe would sell square bread for their sandwiches.

I ended up ordering a smoked salmon and salad wrap with cream cheese. When I received my order on an ugly plate I gasped at the pink smoked salmon.
How dare they!
They had served up the cheapest, nastiest smoked salmon on the market. I took it out of the wrap and fed it to my dog. I felt bad for the dog.

My vegetarian daughter received the poached eggs on toast with mushrooms. She had a disgusted look on her face,

I’m pretty sure these mushrooms are from a tin

We left the vicinity with a sickening feeling in our stomachs.





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Melbourne 3000: Pie Face Southern Cross Station – Kiosk

Spinach and Cheese Mini Roll – Unhealthy, fatty pastries and limited vegetarian options. More pastry than pie ingredients. I recommend going to the David Jones Food-court and getting a real pie (leek & cheese)

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