Langkawi Airport, Malaysia: Marrybrown

Since I have been travelling around Malaysia I have seen numerous Marrybrown’s, a fast food fried chicken chain restaurant, located especially in developed areas and airports.

Marrybrown has vibrant posters of fried popped chicken, plastered on their windows, the bright orange establishment creates a buzz just from their advertising.

At Langkawi Airport, after walking aimlessly around looking for something other than imported to leone or peanut m & m’s, I tried my first Marrybrown meal. The service was immediate and the cashier was attentive and helpful. The menu contained the typical fried chicken poppers, drumsticks, burgers and fries, but also contained a fish burger, fish and chips, creamy mushroom soup, plain rice and spicy porridge.y

To my surprise they even had a veggie patty burger, so for RM5.90 I ordered this, with a side of small fries, total RM7.90.

Upon sampling the fries I was convinced Marrybrown had learned the recipe for McDonald’s fries, as they were exactly the same in terms of appearance, texture, crunch and taste. Perhaps someone from deep inside McDonalds headquarters got a job at Marrybrown and utilised Mcdonald’s recipe, I would say McDonald’s may be required to involve a patent attorney if they want to keep their share of the fast food market.

The veggie patty burger had a very sweet and glossy bun and contained only a deep fried hash brown and lettuce. The lettuce and hash-brown were also exactly the same as McDonalds lettuce and hash-browns. If this veggie patty burger had McChicken sauce on it I would’ve enjoyed it immensely, but unfortunately the sauce-less burger felt incomplete.

I recommend Marrybrown to those who love fried chicken, and McDonalds fries and are perhaps at a busy Asian airport without any fruit.



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