Kensington 3031: Kensington Pizza

Upon reading the menu I was impressed at the range of pizzas with creative toppings.
One that caught my friends eye was the Cheese Burger topping.


The gluten free base options for every topping was also impressive.
Craving the Veggie Supreme from Crust, I opted for the pizza topping I thought would be most similar.


The garlic bread was delicious and potentially home made. My vegetarian pizza was so-so, there were no complaints about the Americana pizza and the cheese burger pizza apparently tasted quite similar to a cheeseburger.

Americana: 20140117-222327.jpg

Despite the interesting toppings Kensington pizza really isn’t giving Crust pizza a run for it’s money, just kind of copying it. I suggest they drizzle some sauce over the top of their pizzas in strategic zig zags, and then I might go back.

Or I could just go to Crust…



  1. Stacey

    I am also a fan of the strategic zigzag. I’m so sick and tired of people that don’t put any effort into the presentation of pizza.

  2. CJ

    No doubt, presentation would have to account for about half of the initial appeal…especially if a picture was all a diner had to base his selection on.What kind of sauce were you proposing, out of curiosity? More of the tomato pizza type? I must say that crust is tasty looking…I like thin crispy, like the ones shown!

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