Brunswick 3065: Cornish Arms

On a Monday night at around 7pm I arrived at this dingy pub on the dark side of inner city Melbourne.
Sydney Rd is known for multiple murders and gang shootings but tonight I was greeted with a bustling crowd of young inner city citizens drinking Goats and Fat Yak Beer at the Cornish Arms bar.
There was a sign for $12 parmas and burgers on a Monday night.
I wanted the Mexican Parma, but apparently they only do this variation on Sundays so I opted for the Thai Massaman Curry.

Being a pub and not a thai restaurant, i suspected the curry wouldn’t be fantastic and I was correct in my assumption. The coconut rice didn’t taste coco nutty, not sure what Thai curry has fried shallots on it either. This isn’t Laksa King. Maybe this is ‘Modern Australian’ Thai food. Who knows really.

So I became a seagull and sampled my friends left overs. The vegan fish and Chips were interesting (and extremely unhealthy), the pumpkin and rosemary pizza tasted like a rosemary bush sprinkled with craft Parmesan cheese. The onion rings were sure to contribute to any predisposition I might have for heart disease.

Good greasy pub food, large range of gluten free/ vegetarian options, but where are the healthy and delicious options?





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One comment

  1. Stacey

    i love the inner city youths that frequent this pub! you should have had the $12 vegan special… beet and “beef” burger. it was divine! open mic is a bit loud for your poor ears on a Monday.

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