Williamstown 3017: Novel Kitchen

I sat down at this cafe prior to going to see the Sea Shepherd, currently living at Williamstown docks.

I began with a orange, carrot and finer juice and was exuberant at how fresh and delicious this was.

I ordered an assortment of side dishes including toast, the rosemary potato rosti and avocado. Looking forward to the rosti, I took many bites and couldn’t taste the rosemary or any seasoning.

I would recommend this cafe to all Hobson Bay visitors looking for fresh and organic food but you need to weigh up the below pros and cons.

1. The waiter didn’t know if the bread was vegan for my daughter, even though this is a cafe that prides themselves on being vegan friendly.

2. The food was under seasoned, it was like they were afraid of flavour.

The pros are:

1. The juices were freshly squeezed, flavoursome and they add delicious additions like fresh ginger and lemon for no extra charge.

2. There is no extra charge for soy.

I am very impressed by pro number 2.








Novel Kitchen on Urbanspoon


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