Fitzroy 3065: Shawcross Pizza Joint

At a social event, I had the honour of tasting what is apparently Melbourne’s largest pizza.

It was very large in diameter (22 inches) and tasted like everything you would expect from a margarita pizza with fresh tomato.

I expect the pizza makers employed at Shawcross had some extra training in tossing pizza dough.


Shawcross 22 inch pizza vs regular large pizza


Shawcross Pizza on Urbanspoon



  1. Lou

    They don’t make the dough. They purchase it from an old Italian guy on Lygon St. Thus they are not actually that talented at making dough.

    • Shawcross Pizza (@ShawcrossPizza)

      Hi Lou, not sure where you are getting your information on, but we make all of our dough on site. You can stick your head out the back of the kitchen next time you’re in and see for yourself. Co-owner and chef damian thompson leads an awesome team and we have a great italian guy on board at the moment who’s made our own yeast starter.

  2. Fitzroy pizza

    Just forgo the dough thing and look at the pizza, its just so yummy and cheesy. I simply love pizzas and cant resist, no matter how it is made and 22 inches are really too huge. Thanks for sharing.

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