Altona 3018: Salt and pepper

The generous 80% rating on Urban Spoon gave me false hope that the food at this cafe was good.

I wanted breakfast. I made an attempt to order toast up at the counter, but they had run out of all bread except white. The white bread was square, I couldn’t believe a bakery cafe would sell square bread for their sandwiches.

I ended up ordering a smoked salmon and salad wrap with cream cheese. When I received my order on an ugly plate I gasped at the pink smoked salmon.
How dare they!
They had served up the cheapest, nastiest smoked salmon on the market. I took it out of the wrap and fed it to my dog. I felt bad for the dog.

My vegetarian daughter received the poached eggs on toast with mushrooms. She had a disgusted look on her face,

I’m pretty sure these mushrooms are from a tin

We left the vicinity with a sickening feeling in our stomachs.





Salt n Pepa Cafe on Urbanspoon



  1. B

    What colour Salmon were you expecting? And what gave you an indication this was a bakery. By your own words its a cafe. Your order a wrap (it looks pita to be honest and has higher GI than white bread) and complain about the plate? Its narrow minded comments such as yours that cause small businesses such as this to shut down. I feel sorry that your dog knows you.

    • chefjohnsmith

      – I was expecting smoked salmon to be rich in colour and flavour, therefore less of it needs to be used.
      – Indications that it was a bakery cafe: they are renowned for home made pies, sausage rolls etc and have a sandwich bar.
      – As they had run out of most bread, I ordered the wrap.
      – I would hope and think my review alerts the business to Not go down the path of having to close down by making sure other customers don’t have this experience here.

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