Altona 3018: Creme Cafe

My 24 year old daughter and I took our pedigree dog down to Altona for the forst time as we heard good things about Altona dog beach. It was 12pm and we hadn’t eaten breakfast. I was craving fresh fruit or avocado on toast. Not knowing much about the cafes at Altona, we decided to stop and eat at ‘Creme cafe’. It ended up only being an attempt eat here, as there were loads of dishes on the outside table we wanted to sit down at. When I walked inside the cafe, I waited for a bit and approached the waitress to ask if we could sit down outside. I told the waitress about the mess. She said she would clear it. we stood around for ten minutes and waiting for her to clear the dishes. After a while she came back and asked if we wanted to order drinks. My friend asked if the ‘fresh juice’ on the menu was freshly squeezed and she kindly informed us that it is bottled juice. What kind of manager falsely advertises bottled juice as fresh juice?
After this disappointment, we asked for water and were told it was ‘self service’. The menu’s passed to us were large with too many options. Nothing on the menu really inticed me to stay and eat here. The waitress was taking too long to come back, so we took the dog and left.


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