Prahran 3181: Misty’s Diner

I went to Misty’s diner on Sunday night for something to do. I have been to this flamboyant American diner before, so my expectations were not high.

It was October, the decor was bright pink, and a clutter of Halloween decorations hung loosely from every nook and cranny in the room.
I could not sit comfortably in my seat as there was a giant plant that looked like a spider behind me.

I took a look at the assortment of menus on the table. There was a cocktail menu, a specials menu stuck on the wall, another specials menu stuck to the napkin holder and a mishmash of 3 menus within the one main menu. I was confused and became glassy-eyed, suffering from cloudy-brain within minutes of sitting down.


I had a ‘Sex on Miami beach’ with gin to drink. I don’t think this cocktail in a thick, cheap water glass with a wonky floating umbrella can be compared to sex on such a notoriously beautiful beach.

I made the abrupt decision to order the Bleu cheese and Cajun Burger. I had to go up to the counter to order, I told the lady 3 times I wanted the vegetarian patty (all hot dogs and burgers can be made vegetarian).

As I expected, the waitress served me the meat burger, I had to send it back. After my friends had all finished eating and I got what I had actually ordered, this is what arrived:


I feel bad that you even had to look at that pathetic, grotesque burger.

The white bread role had enough bleach in it, I’m sure my stomach lining turned white. The veggie patty was pretty much just bubble and squeak from a freezer.

I had the honor of tasting the ‘Chilli Fries (made vegetarian)’, albeit tasty the fries were soggy as they were used as a dumping ground for a splat of onion, Mexican cheese, salsa and re fried bean slop.



There was one positive, the loud atmosphere was fun (even though normally I loathe loud noises) and the fun and colourful owner Misty was there. Misty’s presence seemed to keep the diner’s happy.

Overall, I guess Misty’s diner is a fun place to eat, but the vegetarian options are horrible, the fries were sloppy and the drink came in an unsightly glass.

I still have stomach cramps and it is Monday lunch time.

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