Footscray 3031: Hao Phong

It was a Sunday, and I went to Hao Phong for lunch after visiting Saigon market. I originally had planned on going to a different Vietnamese restaurant on Hopkins St however the queue to this restaurant didn’t seem to progress quickly, so we decided to try out this one. This turned out to be an excellent unintended choice.

I had the vegetarian rice paper rolls as an appetiser. Impressed by the generous servings of dipping sauces and the overall freshness of the rice paper rolls, I insisted my meat eating friend try one. He absolutely loved it and commented on how healthy and fresh the rolls were.
I shared the bean-curd and vegetable clay pot with blackbean sauce with a friend, costing $10. It tasted great, even though the rice was a little hard. Our friend Raphael received the beef clay pot with an orange Chinese sauce. Raphael also noticed the rice wasn’t cooked properly.

My 25 year old girl friend ordered the deep fried vegetarian spring rolls. Although they look like they had been deep fried 4 times, in terms of flavour they were honestly the best spring rolls I’ve ever tasted. Inside the crispy pastry was tofu and shredded veggies as expected, but the spices used made them so impressive. They were so delicious that I ate half my friends dish. Pardon me!

The food came out within 10 minutes of ordering, and everything was incredibly fresh. The rice could have been cooked more carefully, but overall it was a delightful experience.

I recommend to people that think Footscray is a dump.

Because it’s not.

I love Footscray









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