Williamstown 3016: Williamstown Mussels and Fish & Chippery

I went to the Williamstown Mussels Fish & Chippery today, as a friend recommended it.
The fish and chips with salad looked alright. I asked the scruffy metal head behind the counter what was in the salad and he gave me attitude,

I dunno, lettuce and tomato? Bit of feta.

The young male person behind the counter obviously did not have a real passion for fish and chips or customer service.

I opted for the fish and chip pack, without the salad.

While I was waiting on the bench to collect my take away, another staff member kept on brushing past me, having to excuse himself every time he wanted to enter the dining area. Why the owner would put the take away waiting bench in such an awkward space is beyond me.
My two friends and I left with my fish and chips parcel and drove closer to the beach.
I sat down on a bench along the beach with two friends to eat our lunch.

My friend tasted her deep fried fish first and exclaimed,

This fish looks bad. It is bad! It tastes like nothing, I’m disappointed I recommended we come here for lunch. I think there has been a change of owners,

before going to feed her fish to her two year old cavoodle.

The dog didn’t want a bar of it.

When I went to eat my grilled flake, the tough flesh did not flake as it should – it was overcooked. Sigh-what a disappointment.

The tartar sauce was that loathsome Master-food brand in a tiny squeeze container. This tartare sauce should be banned, it is terrible processed watery rubbish.

I had about two fries before I realised the potato was translucent. I had to throw the pre-frozen chips in the Hobson’s Bay rubbish bin as they were UNDERCOOKED. YOU WORK AT A FISH AND CHIP SHOP. HOW CAN YOU UNDERCOOK DEEP FRIED CHIPS. JFC.

Service and quality of food were of an unsatisfactory standard.


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