North Melbourne 3051: Errol’s

A friend and I had just come back from horse riding in the country and I had planned to take her to Auction Rooms to try some preserved lemon. However due to listening to the growls of our stomach over my requirement for fresh gourmet food, we ended up here.

After skimming through the 400 items on the menu, I ordered the Pumpkin Delight “gourmet pizza”. The pizza cost me $15.50 and I put the word gourmet in quotation marks for a reason.

The pizza had a tomato base with chunky bits of roasted pumpkin and soggy zucchini and asparagus hidden amongst mozzarella. It tasted ok, but I was so hungry I could’ve eaten a horse.

My friend ordered the Chicken Scallopini. I don’t eat chicken so I can’t comment on this myself, but I can say she thought it was very ‘home made’ for the price of $25.90. The menu description for this item states tender chicken breast pan fried topped with mushrooms, bacon, cream white wine sauce & served with potatoes and vegetables’. All I saw was protein and a string bean. Every other component was swimming in a white creamy sauce.
If prices are going to be this high and meals described as ‘gourmet’, I suggest the chefs make the food look presentable.

I didn’t know there was another La Porchetta in North Melbourne until I came here.



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