Portarlington 3223: Jack Rabbit

I came down to Portarlington with a local, who highly recommended the fish and chips at Jack Rabbit.
We ordered the fish and chips and went to the bar to do some wine tasting.
We were astonished when our food came out within 5 minutes of ordering. This made us worry about the freshness of the meal and whether it has been sitting there ready to go before we even got there.
On our plates was 1 very small piece of fish with deep fried calamari and potato cakes. The food was cold, tasteless, and potentially frozen.
We let the waitress know and her reply was

the chef’s are worried that you just don’t like fish and that if we get you another one it’s going to taste the same


Yes, we like fish that’s why we ordered the fish and chips. The lady took our ghastly frozen fish and chips back and we opted for the empanadas, the only vegetarian option on the menu.
What came out were 3 deep friend parcels of feta cheese and capsicum and a side of yellow and red cherry tomatoes. This meal was $20.

If this is modern Australian, I don’t want to be Australian anymore.

The food here is terrible, overpriced deep fried crap. Bellarine estate is a much better place to go to eat nice food.



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One comment

  1. caffeineaholic

    Setting aside for a moment your poor quality meal, Portarlington simply does not do vegetarian. The town is essentially ‘white bread and redneck’ and the town is set up for tourists willing to be fleeced, just like every tourist trap the world over. Only problem is, it has nothing of substance to offer. As for fish and chips, I’d opt for the traditional shops in town if you want something authentic. As for ‘modern australian’ cuisine, I agree. I’d roll around laughing if I wasn’t tempted to vomit.

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