Melbourne 3000: Madras Banyan Tree

I think I just got hayfever from a food.
My sinus is blocked and my mouth is on fire.

The pungent smells of garlic from this new eatery occupy my office.

1:00pm came around and I felt a bit peckish.
As I didn’t have time to make my own lunch last night, I decided to take a stroll down and buy some lunch at the first restaurant my nostrils could think of.

I ordered the lunch combo (Chapati and 2 x curry dishes), opting for the Mattar Paneer (Green peas with cheese), Crispy Chapati & Gujarati potatoes.

The service staff worked as team and were very efficient and friendly.
I got all of the below for $10.90.
It was a great, tasty lunch meal.

I recommend this everyone. Lots of veg options, incredibly busy at lunch, great seating areas inside, and very good lunch deals for students.

However I recommend against even TOUCHING the chilli that came in a small round container on the side.




Madras Banyan Tree on Urbanspoon



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