Melbourne 3000: Shanghai Village Dumpling

Not certain if restaurant or nightclub

Mock Duck Soup – This place is so out of control, i think they might need a security guard. The prices are so cheap and BYO alcohol (including not only wine but beer, spirits- whatever the hell you want) has attracted quite the crowd. It is great for not being able to speak to your friends due to the noise from highly intoxicated groups of teenagers and tourists yelling and occassionally even chanting at the top of their lungs. Do come here if you only ever want to order the same thing (probably dumplings) because if you wish to question anything else on the menu not one of the waiters will try to understand you. To those who aren’t concerned about getting food poisoning from eating at a cafeteria style eatery that has sticky menus and puts all of their dishes, left over food and alcohol containers in the same tub on the floor to clean up, I suggest coming here. If you like to eat your soup with a chopstick, come here. Instead of going to a bar to write yourself off with your mates, why not come here. At least there are no security guards to kick you out.

Shanghai Village Dumpling on Urbanspoon


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