Waikiki 6169: Lulu’s

I stayed at the Hyatt Place around the corner from Lulu’s so it was easily accessible from the hotel & overlooks the beach.
I had the ‘Maui Waui’ shrimp salad twice which was pretty fresh! Came with a shrimp kebab and lots if mixed greens, feta and avocado! Could do with more fresh tomatoes but was pretty healthy and fresh. I also ordered the veggie quesadilla and was happy with that. (See photo) just order less cheese and more fresh tomato and avoid becoming obsese cause damn do they love orange ‘jack’ cheese in the US! I would suggest sharing a salad or meal here because they are generous servings.
Some cons are I saw some of the meals my friends had and didn’t like the look of the sugary bread buns they use. Ordered some fries and they are pretty average too.
Cocktails are literally $5. I highly recommend the lava flow. I highly do not recommend the Mai Thai as the free pour in HI can be really troublesome to your stomach lining the next day!
The atmosphere is great and it probably has the best views of Waikiki beach for price.
In summary: ok food depending on what you order, healthy options, generous servings, fantastic view, great service, could do with some healthier bread options and i think they should add a new menu item- the volcano fries covered in gravy and topped with cheese! Yum!

Lulu's Waikiki on Urbanspoon




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