North Melbourne 3051: Di Bella Roasting house

On a sunny Saturday morning myself and a good friend drove to north Melbourne and took a quick stroll in the sun to Di Bella Roasting House. This warehouse turned coffee roasting cafe is a popular place for the many brunch and coffee lovers in North Melbourne. Large groups of mature aged men in Lycra can often be seen parking their expensive road bikes at Di Bella, possibly after riding 200km around the bay.
After waiting 15 minutes for a table for two we sat down and were immediately presented with menus.
The coffee is something to write home about. The lattes are impeccable and the pour over was also of a high quality. I ordered the chilli avocado on chargrilled sourdough toast with special tomatoes and a side of confit field mushroom. I have one word for this breakfast dish. Top notch. Actually that’s two words.

I recommend this place over auction rooms, the initial wait to get a table is worth it. A fantastic brunch experience.


Melbourne 3000: Purple Peanuts

Take your love for Japanese to the next level with modern fusions of Japanese and Australian cafe food at this bustling cafe in Melbourne. Purple Peanuts is incredibly busy and with good reason. The Tofu curry Don is not like your standard don, encapsulating chopped almonds and garnished with basil, these surprisingly non Japanese additions compliment the light curry well. If you’re passing by Southern Cross Station and you’re hungry for a sushi (nori) roll, by pass all the Tower Sushi’s around and purchase one (or two) rolls from Purple Peanuts. You’ll notice something different about these sushi rolls, but you won’t quite be able to make out why they have so much more flavour and don’t need to be drowned in soy sauce.

This cafe looks hectic but the service is fast (not to mention lovely) and orders come out within reasonable time. I recommend Purple Peanuts to anyone looking to escape the seemingly unescapable typical take away sushi, unhealthy burgers and Asian food down the Western side
of Melbourne CBD. Forget about lining up like a groupie at Roll’d and visit Purple Peanuts on your next lunch break.




Fitzroy 3065: Jimmy Grants

 Who is Jimmy Grant? Probably a man that moved to Melbourne in 1901 and sold Souvlaki’s in a fish and chip shop. In 2013 Australian Masterchef Judge George Calombaris’ and co opened this fancy eat in and take away souvlaki joint, Jimmy Grants. Perhaps he named it after his great uncle.

Anyway, why pay $9 at a kebab van for a felafel when you can go here and get your hit of potent garlic sauce, hummus, felafel and slaw wrapped in homemade souvlaki bread for $7? The sauce will still drip and you won’t look any better eating this drunk, but if you’re sober enough you will taste the difference. If you can get a seat inside try the $5 Greek Lager and have a side of fries crumbled with spices and feta.
Then if you feel like something sweet you can pick up a homemade Wagon Wheel here at the counter.

George, you have fulfilled the stomachs of many hungry hipster foodies after a night on the piss in Fitzroy.

Genius concept.






Kensington 3031: Kensington Pizza

Upon reading the menu I was impressed at the range of pizzas with creative toppings.
One that caught my friends eye was the Cheese Burger topping.


The gluten free base options for every topping was also impressive.
Craving the Veggie Supreme from Crust, I opted for the pizza topping I thought would be most similar.


The garlic bread was delicious and potentially home made. My vegetarian pizza was so-so, there were no complaints about the Americana pizza and the cheese burger pizza apparently tasted quite similar to a cheeseburger.

Americana: 20140117-222327.jpg

Despite the interesting toppings Kensington pizza really isn’t giving Crust pizza a run for it’s money, just kind of copying it. I suggest they drizzle some sauce over the top of their pizzas in strategic zig zags, and then I might go back.

Or I could just go to Crust…

Brunswick 3056: Cornish Arms

8pm on a Monday.
Go here to celebrate my friends birthday.
Ordered the vegan & gluten free Portobello mushroom burger.
Received this.

Friend ordered medium rare steak.
Received this:

The wait staff are lovely, however it was awkward that brought dish after dish out that wasn’t our tables order.
I have already reviewed The Cornish Arms and wasn’t going to bother again until I saw that steak.

Flemington 3031: McDonalds

Why did I go to Mcdonalds?

For these:

Screen shot 2014-01-02 at 9.13.51 PM

But what I really got was:



Enough said.


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North Melbourne 3051: Town Hall Hotel

Walking down Errol St you know you are near the Town Hall Hotel when the  notorious mumbling beggar asks you repeatedly for spare change.

You got any spare change, spare change, spare change, spare change, spare change….

Instead of giving him your spare change you walk into this dingy pub and use your change to buy a Coopers Pale Ale, Fat Yak or Coopers Dark Ale.
If you’re lucky you get to sit in the little hut out in the beer garden with your mates and if you have more spare change you order one of the Town Hall Hotel’s well-known parma’s.

The parma took a fair amount of time to come out, but was delivered to our little villa without a problem. The service at the back bar was fantastic, as was my eggplant parma.

However, I had to scrape the economy cheese off the eggplant patties and was less than impressed by the bland fries.


This is the chicken parma my acquaintance ordered:


The Town Hall Hotel has a great vibe out the back with friendly staff and a fantastic beer garden. There is an extensive list of interesting mains to choose from on the menu including a polenta crumbed eggplant & Portobello mushroom burger and classic English bangers & mash. I am eager to come back here and try the grilled fish of the day served with kindler potatoes and lemon butter sauce.

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